President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s annual address was published on 31 January. The President announced the Third Modernisation of Kazakhstan, which involves creating a new model of economic growth that will ensure the country’s global competitiveness. The modernisation includes five main priorities, which are designed to ensure economic growth and sustainable development to help Kazakhstan join the top 30 most developed countries by 2050. The annual address followed a special announcement given by the President last week, in which he set out bold plans to increase the powers of parliament. President Nazarbayev stated that these constitutional reforms are aimed at furthering the democratic development of Kazakhstan, as the Government will be accountable to parliament.

Five Priorities of the Third Modernisation of Kazakhstan

  1. First priority – Accelerate technological modernisation of the economy


  1. Second priority –Improve and expand the business environment


  1. Third priority – Macroeconomic stability


  1. Fourth priority – improving the quality of human capital


  1. Fifth priority – institutional change, security and the fight against corruption

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