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Bilateral affairs

Political relations

Kazakhstan pays a special attention to development of relations with Romania as a key partner in Eastern Europe and on the Balkans.

During short historical period, two states have achieved significant progress in all spheres of bilateral cooperation, including political, trade-economic, cultural and humanitarian areas, as well as in multilateral collaboration.

Kazakhstan and Romania enjoy the regular political dialogue, Groups of friendship function in parliaments of both countries. Meetings of MPs of the two countries held annually.

Countries coordinate efforts within the United Nations, OSCE and other international fora. Romania supports all Kazakhstan’s international initiatives, including OSCE Chairmanship and Astana Summit 2010, Astana to host EXPO-2017 and participate it, Kazakhstan’s candidature for non-permanent seat of the UN Security Council for 2017-2018, accession to ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting).

Political consultations at the level of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania are held annually. On 13th of May 2015, the sides have signed the Joint action plan between foreign ministries of two countries for 2015-2016.

General information

The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Romania have been established on July 15, 1992.

The Embassy of Romania in the Republic of Kazakhstan has been opened in November 1993.

The Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania has been opened in September 2003. In March 2012 by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan, the representation level has been enhanced into the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania.

September 2014 – Mr. Daulet Batrashev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania.

May 2012 – Mr. Nicolae Ureche, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

High level visits

September, 1998 – the Official visit of H.E. Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania.

November, 1999 – the Official visit of H.E. Mr. Emil Constantinescu, President of Romania to Kazakhstan.

September 2003 – the Official visit of H.E. Mr. Ion Iliescu, President of Romania to Kazakhstan.

November, 2007 – the Official visit of H.E. Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania.

March, 2010 – the State visit of H.E. Mr. Traian Băsescu, President of Romania to Kazakhstan.

December, 2010 – working visit of H.E. Mr. Traian Băsescu, President of Romania to Kazakhstan for participation in the OSCE Summit in Astana.

Visits at the level of Heads of Governments

June, 2013 – the Official Visit of the Prime Minister of Romania Victor Ponta to Kazakhstan.

Foreign Ministers’ Visits

July, 1992 – the Official Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Romania Adrian Năstase to Kazakhstan, the Protocol on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Romania was signed.

November, 2008 – the working visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Romania Lazăr Comănescu to Kazakhstan.

Legal framework

The legal framework between Kazakhstan and Romania consists of 18 bilateral agreements. The first bilateral document, the Protocol on establishment of diplomatic relations signed in 1992, which become a legal ground for other bilateral agreements.


Economic cooperation

The favorable background of the political dialogue between two countries gives a positive impact to economic cooperation.

The volume of the Kazakhstan-Romanian trade turnover in 2014 reached almost 3,27 bln. US dollars (export: 3,15 bln., import: 119,5 mln.), which is almost 40% higher than in 2013 (2,35 bln. US dollars).

The main directions of bilateral economic cooperation are energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, transport, logistics etc.

There are 13 Romanian-Kazakhstan enterprises functioning in Romania, specializing in trade, furniture manufacturing, tailoring and health industry.  There are 35 joint ventures registered in Kazakhstan.

Due to the acquisition by Kazakhstan’s national company “KazMunayGas” of «The Rompetrol Group NV», currently “KazMunayGaz International”, Romania has become the economic gateway for Kazakhstan to the market of the European Union.

One of the most important and effective tool for development of the trade and economic cooperation is the Kazakhstan-Romanian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade-Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperation. The 11th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission was held on 27-28 May 2015 in Bucharest.

The Honorable Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened on July 4, 2013 in Galați.


Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

Romanian national cultural societies such as «Stephen the Great» (Almaty), «Dachia» (Karaganda) and «Bucovina» (Pavlodar) successfully function in Kazakhstan. Romanian language courses, various cultural events are held within these centers regularly.

The parties have agreed to launch the Kazakh cultural center at the University of Babes-Bolyai in Romania.

State Opera and Ballet Theatre «Astana Opera» and the Bucharest National Opera House gradually develop cooperation as well. On April 12, 2014 Bucharest hosted the premiere of «Aida» opera play starring the leading soloist of «Astana Opera» House Zhupar Gabdullina.

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  • Astana Calling No.373 Astana Calling No.375 


  • Over KZT 448 million has been allocated in 2012 to address the key problems of single-industry towns in Kazakhstan, many of which have suffered severe economic decline as the industry they were built to serve has dwindled away. The funds are the first wave of a total KZT 120 billion (USD 750 million) which will ultimately be provided for regeneration of these towns under the Development Program 2012 – 2020 approved by Government last May.


  • On November 15, Kazakhstan’s Chairmanship of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the 57-country Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) drew to a close. Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov handed over the reins to his counterpart in Djibouti at the meeting of the Council in the East African nation on November 15 – 16.


  • On November 9-10 Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister, Erlan Idrissov, was in Japan to attend the fourth meeting of Foreign Ministers of the six countries participating in the “Central Asia plus Japan Dialogue”. At the meeting chaired by Japan’s Foreign Minister, Koichiro Gemba, the focus was on three themes: how to advance economic integration, strengthen stability and ensure security in Central Asia.


  • On November 13, 183 UN Member States voted for Kazakhstan to join the UN Human Rights Council. Kazakhstan will take its seat on the Council for three years from January 1 2013, and has pledged to use its membership to strengthen human rights both at home and abroad.


  • On November 12, a delegation led by Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov paid a working visit to Moscow, where they met with the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and visited the Skolkovo Innovation Center.


  • On November 8-9 in Vienna, the OSCE held a Supplementary OSCE Human Dimension Meeting (HDM) on Freedom of Assembly and Association. The meeting was organized by the Irish Chairmanship and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.


  • On November 9-10 the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Mikhail Myasnovich, paid his first official visit to Kazakhstan. He met with Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov to discuss bilateral cooperation and trade development and the meeting concluded with a commitment by the two sides amend existing cooperation agreements between them in the areas of tax compliance and the forestry sector.


  • In a meeting with the Agrarian Committee of the Majilis (Parliament) on November 1 in Astana, Agriculture Minister Asylzhan Mamytbekov outlined planned subsidies for farming investment, private sector investment targets and draft laws on genetically modified farm products and the upgrading of Kazakhstan’s pasture lands.


  • Kazakhstan’s vigorous campaign to promote its bid to host EXPO-2017 is in its final phase ahead of the vote by the 156 member states of the International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) in Paris on November 22. The vote will determine which of the two candidate cities – Astana or Belgium’s Liege – will host EXPO-2017.


  • During an official visit to Kazakhstan on November 2, Prince Albert II of Monaco attended the opening of an exhibition dedicated to the memory of his mother, Princess Grace of Monaco. He was welcomed by President Nazarbayev, with whom he also met separately to discuss bilateral relations between Monaco and Kazakhstan as well as cooperation on the regional and international levels.


  • October 25 marked the deadline for the completion of the registration of religous organizations under The Law on Religious Activities and Religious Associations that came into effect on October 25, 2011.


  • Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, was in Kazakhstan on an official visit from October 29 – November 1. Ms Mijatovic met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erlan Idrissov, to discuss a wide range of media-related issues, as well as the promotion of freedom of speech, the role of NGOs and other civil society organizations, and security issues within the OSCE.


  • Chairman visits Kazakhstan On October 29 a delegation of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) arrived in Astana for the 11th meeting of the EU-Kazakhstan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (PCC). The EU delegation was led by Italian MEP Paolo Bartolozzi, Chairman of the EU-Kazakhstan PCC, while the Kazakh delegation of parliamentarians was headed by Mr Sergey Diachenko, Deputy Chairman of the Majilis.


  • On October 29 Dr Babatunde Osotimehin, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), visited Kazakhstan to develop cooperation between UNFPA and Kazakhstan in the area of healthcare and population.


  • Developing business ties and promoting EXPO-17 On October 25, Deputy Prime Minister Kairat Kelimbetov, paid an official visit to France and held bilateral talks with French representatives. He also addressed a French-Kazakh business forum and promoted Astana’s bid to host EXPO-2017 with delegates to the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE), which will select the host country in December.


  • Assigns responsibilities to Cabinet members Kazakhstan’s new Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Serik Akhmetov, chaired the first government meeting since his appointment on September 27. He said that the new Cabinet would maintain continuity and build on t …


  • The sentence handed to Mr Kozlov is the result of an impartial and objective investigation. From the beginning of the trial, the court respected all the defendant’s rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specifically: the …


  • Focus on diversified energy sources and transportation routes On October 2 and 3, Astana hosted the VIIth Kazenergy Eurasian Forum, which took as its theme: “A World in Transition – Shaping a Sustainable Energy Future.” The Kazenergy Association was es …


  • First joint training exercise On October 8 Kazakhstan, hosted a ceremony at the Iliysky training center to mark the beginning of “Undefeatable Brotherhood 2012”, a two-week peacekeeping exercise for troops from member states of the Collective Security …


  • Digital Kazakhstan 2020 – Program Details Announced Kazakhstan’s transition to an information society will be achieved by implementing a far-reaching program devised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, details of which were announced at pu …


  • Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) has announced its decision to award Kazakhstani scientist, professor of South-Kazakhstan State University named after M.O.Auezov Dr. Begen Yessimov with the “ISESCO Prize in Science and …


  • The Shakhter Karagandy team is celebrating this week’s victory over Kaisar Kyzylorda in the final of the Kazakhstan Football Premier League Championships.


  • A delegation from Kazakhstan visited the Dominican Republic on October 19 as part of the program to advance Astana’s bid to host EXPO-2017.


  • Kazakhstan has moved up seven places to 49th position out of 185 economies reviewed in the World Bank annual survey: “Doing Business 2013: Smarter Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises”.


  • On October 25 Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov visited Berlin for the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations.


  • On October 23-24 President Nazarbayev made his first official visit to the Czech Republic since diplomatic relations were established in 1992.


  • On October 22-23, President Nazarbayev paid his fourth official visit to Austria since diplomatic relations were established between Austria and Kazakhstan in 1993.


  • International recognition of Kazakhstani cinema continues to grow, with two movies set for international distribution after success at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and its business counterpart, the Cannes Film Market.


  • Kazakhstan remains on track to progress early in 2013 from observer to member status in the World Trade Organization, a process begun 16 years ago with its 1996 application for accession to full membership.


  • The 12th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) was held in Baku on October 16, culminating in the adoption of the Baku Declaration outlining the vision and direction of the organization to 2015.


  • Over 450 journalists from 40 countries gathered in Astana on October 11 for the opening of the 10th Eurasian Media Forum. The Forum was established in 2011 to promote cooperation between East and West and this annual meeting provided an opportunity for leading journalists, politicians, opinion leaders and media experts to debate world events and analyze their coverage by global media.


  • On October 11 President Nazarbayev was welcomed to Ankara by Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul. The meeting was the start of a two-day visit focused on the strengthening of economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Turkey.


  • The Treaty on Friendship between Kazakhstan and Russia will be updated and expanded before the end of 2013, following agreement between Presidents Nazarbayev and Putin in Moscow on October 9.


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