Digital Kazakhstan 2020 – Program Details Announced
Kazakhstan’s transition to an information society will be achieved by implementing a far-reaching program devised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, details of which were announced at public hearings this week.
The ambitious program forms part of the Government response to the article by President Nazarbayev on “Social Modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps to a Society of Universal Labor”.
Vice Minister of Transport and Communications Saken Sarsenov explained how the program will work. A national information environment will be built up systematically on the basis of an accessible communication infrastructure. At the same time, a state management system will be put in place to ensure a positive impact on socio-economic and cultural development.
All State services will become easily accessible on mobile devices to both businesses and the general public, and local “e-councils” will be organized in three divisions to serve regions, cities and districts. This intensive digitalization of State services will help increase the transparency of state bodies.
The education sector is a key area of focus in the program, which envisages a National Education Network linking every educational institution in the country in a high-speed intranet. The full range of state-of-the-art multimedia equipment and all educational materials used throughout the state will be held in a central data repository known as the Electronic Education Centre.
Digital television and radio broadcasting will be made accessible across every region of Kazakhstan, reducing the digital divide between city and village and encouraging the use of ICT by every household and business across the state.
Continuous technological innovation will be supported by the development of ICT market infrastructure, to include science and research centers, IT parks, business incubators and laboratories for public use.
Vice Minister of Culture and Information, Arman Kyrkbayev, explained aspects of the program relating to modernizing the national media and developing use of new media technologies, including social media. Another important aspect of the media program will be to promote domestic content and the positive use and development of the Kazakh language, he said.
The funding to implement the digital transformation of Kazakhstan will be allocated by the state following a review of current funding structures.